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New Amenity Cost Charges Streamline Permitting Process

Community Amenity Contributions (CACs) will be replaced by Amenity Cost Charges (ACCs) to increase transparency for the cost of new development.

Westbank's 40-storey condo tower on the 1600-block of Alberni Street in Downtown Vancouver includes a $37 million CAC payable as a condition of Rezoning. (Image source: Revery Architecture/Westbank)

The latest in a series of announcements aimed at streamlining the delivery of homes, the Provincial government announced Tuesday the introduction of Amenity Cost Charges (ACCs). The new tool will replace Community Amenity Contributions (CACs) and allow municipalities to adopt a bylaw that requires pre-determined charges for new amenities that will be shared by new and existing users. These updates will require community consultation on the types of amenities and associated charges prior to adoption of the bylaw.

Municipalities' powers to impose Development Cost Charges will also be expanded to include services such as fire halls, police stations, solid-waste facilities, and cost-shared highway projects.

More information the Province's announcement can be found here:

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