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CityState Recognized for Environmental Leadership at Spike Business Awards

CityState was named the 2023 winner in the Environmental Leadership category on November 30th.

CityState's Partners, Carola Thompson, Gaetan Royer, and Aidan Shirley, photographed with other award winners.

The City of Port Moody's Economic Development and Tourism Committee (EDTC) named CityState the winner of its 2023 award for Environmental Leadership at a ceremony on Thursday evening. The award is a first for CityState at the Spike Business Awards, after Managing Partner Carola Thompson was named a Finalist in the Young Entrepreneur category in 2022. Affiliate CoDesign Studio also placed as Runner-Up in 2022 for Best New Business.

The award was presented by EDTC member Sean Ogilvie, who described CityState's commitment to innovative and sustainable development. Accepting the award, Carola dedicated the recognition to CityState's clients, who make the investment to "do the right thing," whether it involves tree retention, high energy efficiency, ecological restoration, or heritage revitalization and protection. CityState also thanks its amazing staff and consulting teams, who make these achievements possible.

The full list of award winners can be found here:

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