Meet The Team

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Carola Alder,
Managing Partner &
Senior Development Planner

Carola coordinates all CityState's resources and directs the efforts of our planners and technicians to advance priorities of clients. As a Planner, she helps clients through complex rezoning and subdivision processes. Bringing passion to planning, she presents complex development applications to Councils in the Lower Mainland.


As a member of the Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce Economic Development Committee, Carola is dedicating her time and contributing new ideas to help build better communities.


Gaetan Royer,
Founding Partner

CityState's Founding Partner, Gaetan Royer, is the former Chief Planner for Metro Vancouver and Port Moody City Manager for an 11-year term. He continues to be involved in a large number of award-winning urban developments. A published author of research papers, Gaetan is a frequent commentator on urban affairs on CBC. 

Gaetan holds a Masters in Urban and Regional Planning, Bachelors in Architecture and he is a Military Engineer.

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Aidan Shirley,
Partner &
Development Planner

Aidan joined CityState with a passion for innovative planning and a desire to help build better communities. His experience with municipal relationships, research, and analysis contributes to creating Comprehensive Site Analyses and development pro forma, and helps clients realize their property's potential.


He holds a BA in Applied Geography, is an Associate at Vancouver-based public policy think tank Columbia Institute, and serves on the City of Vancouver's Renters Advisory Committee.

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Yuliya Vityuk,
Architectural Technologist

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Dee Tran,
Architectural Technologist

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Mathew Dodds,
Planning Intern

Mathew is an Urban Planning student entering the final year of his Masters degree at Dalhousie University. He graduated from Simon Fraser University, where he studied Geography, GIS, and Urban Studies. Mathew's graduate research is in digital planning engagement and participatory design—exploring how diverse cities can best capture public opinion. Mathew's professional background is in tech. and he loves to approach complex planning problems using technology and GIS.

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Elham Haghbin,
Architectural Technologist

Elham is a planner and urban designer who is passionate about creating inclusive and sustainable places with distinct beauty and identity. She has a BA in Urban Planning from Tehran University of Art and a MA in Urban Design from the University of British Columbia. Elham has been with CityState since December 2019. She is well known for her eye for detail, always striving for technical innovation, and her keen sense of aesthetics in drawing clear illustrations and renderings that bring designs to life.

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Ricardo Mondragon-Guerra,
Architectural Technologist

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