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New Provincial Legislation:
Interactive Transit-Oriented Areas Map


•    Using the interactive map below, enter the address of your property.

    •    Using the legend, find out how your property may be impacted by new provincial legislation.

    •    New legislation requires properties within an 800m radius from SkyTrain to have minimum building heights of 8 to 20-storeys with no residential parking minimums.

TOD Legend.png


Disclaimer: the data and information presented in this conceptual Transit Oriented Development Area map are subject to ongoing updates as new information emerges from the province and respective municipalities. It is important to note that this map does not depict dedicated park space, development permit area regulations, protected ESA’s, and other site-specific encumbrances.


The purpose of this map is to provide a conceptual guide and should not be considered as a definitive representation of the latest Provincial legislation. We strongly recommend that users consult the relevant provincial and municipal authorities to obtain the most current and accurate information regarding zoning and transit-oriented development areas. It is inevitable that changes and updates will occur as new information becomes public.

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