2115-2131 St. Johns


2115-2131 St. Johns.png

St. Johns & Douglas project in a nutshell

  • Heritage Revitalization

  • Enhanced Heritage District

  • 700 new jobs

  • Jobs-to-Population Ratio of 4.1

  • Housing for seniors

  • 50% of seniors' units: affordable rental

  • 3,800 sq. ft. daycare

  • Seniors/Daycare: Shared Wisdom program

  • Iconic architecture

Reversing Flow and Attitude
For too long, developers focused on how easy it is to go to work in Vancouver from Port Moody. We focused on how easy it is to come to Port Moody from Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster, and beyond.
This mindset makes a massive difference. We acknowledge that Port Moody’s economic vitality and its unique culture require jobs. Let's create jobs here and reduce the daily exodus to the rest of the region.

10 Times the Jobs Ratio
Other developments ignore Council's jobs target; we exceed it by a wide margin.

Co-Working Floors & Shared Office Amenities